Chef Yan and his food, heritage, and motto.

I have definitely been inspired by Chef Yan and his recent interview. In this video you get to see Chinese television chef, Martin Yan, talk about his experiences and work ethic. He starts by saying that he is always learning. As an artist, I definitely respect this concept…that you always keep growing. He also states that cooking is his passion, work is cooking, so work is his passion. His work is “pleasure”. That’s so inspiring to see someone doing what they love for a living.

He also talks about his past. Growing up, Yan didn’t have any money for food, he said he remembered going to bed hungry as a child. His mother would grow produce in a little pot on their outside patio and keep chickens. He recalled that her food was delicious and even pointed out his favorite dishes by her.

In the end, he recited a Chinese saying which translated into “You take a lesson from your failure.” He was very inspiring.

Now go eat with someone you love! Happy Blogging!



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