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Not just food, good food.

As I began wondering where to start and how to introduce my blog, I stumbled across many things. I thought about my 9 years as a ballet dancer performing and practicing my entire teenage life. Or my commitment to Youth & Government as a California senator, writing bills and debating. I even considered doing a small account on my high which incorporated the arts into our everyday life- facilitating and training artists of our future. However, I realized I would be using “was” or “were”. Problem: that was all in the past. How much can a girl say about her grand 18 years of life? Ummm, not too much. I want to talk about now.

What’s something thats indefinite? Something that Heaven can’t ever run out of talking about? Something she’s passionate about? It’s most certainly- my family, my friends, AND (most importantly) my food. Wait, just kidding…they’re in order of importance.

Basically, I’ve realized that when I am most happy…I’m in a particular setting: Usually around a table with beautiful people and marvelous food. It can be a birthday, Christmas morning, or even Wednesday night dinner…I just don’t ever want to want it alone. And that’s where these three come in. My family and friends will always come first. But what do you accompany good company with? Oh yeah thats right!…FOOD. But not just any food, good food. Good food that will be surrounded with laughter, smiles, and full bellies.

Now go eat with someone you love. Happy Blogging!



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