Family / Food / Friends / Goodfood / perfect / pieceofheaven

What about crazy tíos, hilarious friends, and the too spicy (but oh so good) black-eyed peas?

family (n.)- a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not

friends (n.)- a person who is on good terms with another

food (n.)- any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or  other wise take into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth.

There is so much truth in these definitions, but it’s missing some things.

True, family is definitely a social group of people that are related by blood or what not. And I agree, that friends are people that are on good terms with you. And yes, food is what gives you vitality. But they forgot to mention, or at least in my case, that family is a roaring-loud group of people that don’t care if your connected by blood, or marriage, or friendship you still get 15 kisses for a hello and goodbye, a cousin will always be cackling over another cousin’s cackle, a glass or two will be spilt on the floor, a tío will have another beer in his hand before he finished the one in his other, and a woman will always have a super round baby belly ready to burst.  And friends are the people that have you crying because your stomach hurts or milk squirted out of your nose from laughing. They always have your back, but tell you the truth, and are most certainly more than just people your on good terms with. And food is the fried, spicy, salty, sweet, delicious stuff you end up piling into your mouth before you finally sit at the dining table. It’s your mother’s pot of homemade (and extremely spicy) black-eyed peas that you should stop, but won’t stop eating. It’s the stuff where you gather around and enjoy with the company of family and friends, content with your life and your taste buds.  And in the end, you can’t get enough.

Now go eat with someone you love! Happy Blogging!



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